Bouncing Back After The Storm

Recent hurricanes in our region have caused lots of debris to find its way into your pool. In this blog, we want to give you a few quick steps to get your pool back up and running.

This pool has collected lots of debris during a recent hurricane.

1) Clear the debris

It is important to clear out all of the debris from your pool as quickly as possible. This will prevent your pump and filter from being clogged for long periods of time. In addition, clearing debris quickly will prevent any organic decay which will throw off your pool chemistry.

2) Shock

Restoring a high clorine level is essential to prevent your pool from turning blue. Leslie's Pool Supply sells shock at great prices. We like to use 1 scoop for every 10k gallons.

3)Get your water tested

Finally, take a water sample to Leslie's Pool Supply to get tested. The experts at Leslie's will give you an exact list of what you need to do in order to bring your water chemistry back into balance.

You always have the option to contact Mobile Area Pool Management! Our technicians are servicing dozens of pools in the wake of recent hurricanes. One time service for storm clean up starts at $250.

Call today and request a free inspection: 251.219.8846.

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