Brushing Pool Walls

Did you know brushing your pool walls can save you time and money? Read this blog to understand why.

Simply brushing your pool walls frequently will remove any algae that is growing along the pool wall. Algae often grows on areas in shade. Depending on the orientation of your pool to the morning and evening sun it is possible for your walls to be in the shade for long period of time, which allows algae an opportunity to grow.

Saving Money

Reducing the algae in your pool will increase the effectiveness of your sanitizing agent, chlorine. The more free chlorine your pool has, the more it can fight other bacteria and contamination. If your chlorine is tied up fighting algae on your pool walls it won't be as effective fighting other bacteria and contaminants.

Saving Time

It usually takes 7-10 minutes to brush pool walls. If your pool chemicals get out of balance that can take hours and days to manage. It is always better to be proactive.

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